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Before I start, let me just say that this page is a lie
This project is too young for me to be asked these questions frequently.
I do not even know how to pronounce faq
Well, enough about that.

What is Dina?
Dina adds the functionality of CGI, languages, and commands to HTML documents slightly similarly to PHP. The source is quite small and flexible because it runs under the LEED (Let Everyone Else Do it) and KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) principles

What does Dina mean?
Dina stands for "Dina Is Not an Acronym". To my knowledge this is the first acronym whose meaning contradicts its own existance

What advantages does Dina have over other things?
I could start listng some things, but you know what that would sound like. It would mean more if someone else commented on Dina, so email me If you want to say something about this.
Anyways what I say is that Dina is more flexible, protable, powerful, and easy to learn then anything else.

What do I need to use it?
Just a place for a web page which allows CGI, but you get better use if you have adminstration priviledges of a web server. Note that Dina can be used on and off the internet

How do I install it?
All you really have to do is download the dina1.1.tar.gz file on the download page and uncompress it to a directory. It also helps to change some of the server configuration so as to automatically execute them, otherwise just put them in the cgi-bin.
If you have administrative priviledges you can set .dina files to to be treated as cgi-sripts or to be automatically executed by the dina interpreter. An apache module is under development to increase efficiency.
If you can use .htaccess files (which you usually can) you can put something like:

AddType application/x-httpd-cgi dina
Options +ExecCGI

What can Dina do?
Dina lets you easily insert any language and commands into HTML files and even allows you to nest dina tags (and thus commands and languages) inside of each other. See the examples page to really see something which it can do.

How is Dina for security?
Because Dina runs as a normal CGI, it has the priviledges and security of a normal CGI script.

How about speed?
Any slowness is quite small. Especially when using Dina for Perl because it is handled internally.

How can I help with the development with Dina?
You can read and respond to the mailing lists and send proposed updates, read the forums. If you signup for an account at SourceForge you can also send to the forum. Email me with your SourceForge username and you can be signed up as an official developper of Dina which allows you such things as CVS access to the source code. Also email me if you want to help with the web pages.

Who are you and why are you doing this?
I am just a programmer who did this because I was too lazy to learn PHP.

Contact ?
You can contact me (Ralph Furmaniak) at ralphcf@home.com